The mission of Pawzitively Spoiled, Inc., is to help preserve the companionship between pets and their families by providing needed information and assistance through this website to strengthen the foundation of pet ownership.

Our vision is to become a nationally recognized charitable organization that improves the quality of life for animals.

The members and volunteers of Pawzitively Spoiled, Inc., dedicate their lives to animals because they are our passion.  There is nothing more satisfying than actually feeling, witnessing, or participating in the unconditional love between an animal and a human.  Our dedication to the animals we are able to help creates a lasting bond as a family member that is absolutely and “pawzitively” loved and spoiled.

Pawzitively Spoiled, Inc. helps to provide guidance and assistance to elderly pet owners, so that they can continue caring for their pet’s needs.  Our organization is an active member of many communities that assist in finding permanent homes for orphaned, abandoned, or abused animals as well as other areas through out the community.  In addition, through our website, pet owners are provided with information from other helpful websites, as well as products, tips and tools that assist them with their pet’s needs.